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Fidonet, and Fidonet Technology Networks (FTN), are international amateur networks of computer systems. They often operate a public access BBS and all are connected via modem and/or via the internet as well.

This system,, operates under the program MBSE BBS running on Debian Linux and is located in Lansing, MI, USA.  It is a member of the following FTN networks: Fidonet (1:120/544, 1:120/0), FamilyNet (8:74/1, 8:74/0, 8:7480/0), LinuxNet (110:205/1, 110:20/0, 110:205/0), Sysops TechNet (STN - 111:4000/10, 111:4000/0), & Micronet (618:200/16).

    Information & links related to operations here at Rocasa FTN.
  • Statistics related to operations here at Rocasa FTN.
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  • MI MetroNets - Fidonet in Michigan: r11/net120