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Perl File Distribution Network (Perl FDN)

Coordinator: RJ Clay, 1:120/544@fidonet

File Echo*Description
PLHATCH *&Perl: Hatch files to coordinator for distribution.
PERLBIN !Binaries for Perl and Perl Utilities
PERLSCR !Perl scripts
PERLMOD !Perl modules and extensions
PERLMISC ! Perl FAQ's, Hints, and Tips
! File flow is from FDN -> you.
*& File flow is from you -> upstream HUB. Backchannel Area.
  • Perl File Distribution message conference
  • Available on Rocasa BBS as prog.perl.fdn.
  • Also available as a mailing list.
  • Perl Programming Discussion
  • Available on Rocasa BBS as prog.perl.