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File index of Batch File Applications at ROCASA FTN

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Nr. Filename Date Size Description
1 30-05-2004 13 Kb.
ASCBAT21.ZIP - Batch file (v2.1) displays ASCII
tables 00-FFh in decimal, binary, octal and
hex in a VERY easy-to-understand format. Tables
displayed in plain text or color if ANSI driver
is loaded. Freeware. 
2 21-12-2002 28 Kb.
Filter to convert DOS BATch files to Unix  C
Shell scripts (DOS executable) 
3 16-12-2002 88 Kb.
BATKIT v5.8 - Batch file utilities. GETKEY displays a message (plain or fancy), gets a response
ys a message (plain or fancy), gets a response
ys a message (plain or fancy), gets a response
(255 char max) from user & stores it in an env.
variable or ERRORLEVEL. Many options-response
verify & logging, response time-out, display
formatting & br 
4 05-07-2005 64 Kb.
Bat Lang's 'best' of BATPOWER 11/98 - 12/03.
Chosen by the moderator of the Fido echo, as
representative of the Best for that period. 
5 08-03-2013 42 Kb.
BBS2HTML v1.0p - Converts FILES.BBS listings
to HTML. Put you file collection on the
Works with PCBoard, Wildcat, TBBS or any
system that supports FILES.BBS file formats. 
6 29-09-2002 7 Kb.
BFDS Information and Application.  The  BATch
File Distribution System Network  is the Files
support FDN for the Inter-  national BATPOWER
echo, promoting BATch  File Programming for
any/all DOS's. 
7 15-04-2019 18 Kb.
Master Files Listing for the BFDS (Batch File
 Distribution System) the Files Support arm
 of the International BATPOWER echo (learn
 all about BATch File Programming). 
8 18-07-2004 37 Kb.
BJrAlarm <text> will display <text> on the
 console as a prompt, then continuously
 sound an alarm tone sequence until any key
 is pressed. Use to replace Echo+Beep+Pause
 sequences in .Bat files. PD/Freeware for
 any DOS and/or any Wins/DOS box. Also
 included is Alarm.Com for single tone use. 
9 31-05-2004 17 Kb.
Sound Chip Detection and Config program  under
DOS v1.02 (C) 2002 by Wolfgang  Hesseler, Felix
Kaiser, Konstantin Koll,  is Free for non-commercial use and will  detect various Sound Blaster
ial use and will  detect various Sound Blaster
ial use and will  detect various Sound Blaster
compatible  sound chips, configure them and
set the  BLASTE 
10 05-02-2015 60 Kb.
CMDOW v1.8 is a Win32 commandline utility for
NT4/2000/XP/2003/7/8 that allows windows to
be listed, moved, resized, renamed, hidden,
unhidden, disabled/enabled, minimized,
maximized, restored, activated/inactivated,
closed, killed and more. Freeware open source
under the MIT license. 
11 19-12-2004 133 Kb.
CmdUtils v1.5 as of 5/28/2000 is a collection
 of free command line utilities for Win9x/NT
 with Source code. Recycle, PropsFor,
 ContextMenu (context.exe), Bin (bin.exe)
 and FixP. (c) 1998-2000 Matt Ginzton 
12 22-04-2003 48 Kb.
CompTree v1.81 by Allan Hiberg A file comparing
utility for DOS and Win95 DOS boxes with the
ability to compare directory trees and delete
source files if they match the target files.
Docuentation in Danish and Engl 
13 23-09-2015 5 Kb.
DATEFILE.EXE v2.0 is a program for
generating incremental filenames that
contain today's date. 
14 16-03-2013 1 Kb.
DateTime is a very small and fast utility
 that will display the current Date and
 Time for use in redirection to log files.
 (i.e. "Sat  Mar 16 2013  075   2:15:12 pm)
 Freeware with Assembly source code.
 (c) Ben Ritchey aka cMech 
15 05-01-2004 16 Kb.
DAYNBR Version 2.10 is a simple program. It
 calculates the correct day number, edits a
 DOS command's parameters to contain the day
 number, then executes the command. It was 
originally created to assist in automating 
the processing of FidoNet's w 
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