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File index of OS/2 Rexx Files at ROCASA FTN

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Nr. Filename Date Size Description
1 27-01-2018 7 Kb.
2 17-10-2016 152 Kb.
DrDialogCtrl Open source extension delivered
in a DLL form & is intended for use with the
DrDialog REXX GUI dialogs package.  Provides
a few new dialog functions including a
progress bar & also flyover help which is
missing in the base package.  This package
includes both the full 0.1.5 version that
includes the full C source & all
documentation & the later 0.1.7 dll with a
few bugfixes but no feature changes. 
3 23-02-2016 1 Kb.
VisProReports-2_1b_rebuild Rexx file to
restore VisPro/Reports WPS objects
(unofficial, unsupported, unverified). 
4 20-07-2004 48 Kb.
Small rexx program for adding amounts 
5 22-07-2014 4 Kb.
Creates eComStation versions of Rexx2Nrx'
batch files 
6 11-08-2005 17 Kb.
Checkfunc is a handy routine to help you
develop correct and portable REXX code.  It
contains a mini-parser for REXX that finds
all the variables and function calls in a
program and lists them out for you to see. 
7 02-11-2014 32 Kb.
Rexx utility (Dutch/Nederlands) to show fully
identical icon files 
8 05-11-2014 909 Kb.
9 30-11-2004 69 Kb.
REXX-Calculator for komplex numbers. 
10 30-11-2004 2 Kb.
MAILLIST Send Email Message to a Mailing
List Via SMTP, Using the REXX. 
11 27-01-2018 25 Kb.
Rexx DLL keyboard scan with time-out, v1.0 
12 13-04-2018 17 Kb.
Patched and renamed REXXPACK.EXE of REXXTOOL.ZIP 
13 27-01-2018 23 Kb.
Replacement for RxMessageBox v1.0 
14 07-07-2004 754 Kb.
REXX Tips & Tricks v3.60 
15 05-09-2004 159 Kb.
REXX Function package for REXX based CGI scripts 
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