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File index of HPT - Highly Portable Tosser at ROCASA FTN

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Nr. Filename Date Size Description
1 hpt-0.9.7-src.tar.gz 02-09-2000 123 Kb.
Description not avaliable 
2 hpt-0.9.7d-src.tar.gz 25-12-2001 127 Kb.
Description not avaliable 
3 hpt-conf.txt 11-12-1999 2 Kb.
Sample configuration file for hpt (Highly Portable Tosser), msg posted by Maurice Kinal 
e Tosser), msg posted by Maurice Kinal  
4 13-04-2006 1 Kb. v0.1 Createing an HPT formated
echoarea include file from a BACKBONE.WWB file. 
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