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File index of Filegate related files at ROCASA FTN

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Nr. Filename Date Size Description
1 01-01-2016 34 Kb.
This is the information file for the
IFDC FileGate Project [service mark].
Coordinators may find information for
starting FDNs or linking to an existing
FILEGATE hub.  Also includes FGPOL007.TXT,
the IFDC FileGate Project policy file. 
2 fg-2001.hdr 31-01-2001 0 Kb.
File archive comment for 2001.. 
3 fg-2002.hdr 15-01-2002 0 Kb.
File archive comment for 2002.. 
4 fg-2003.hdr 15-01-2003 0 Kb.
File archive comment for 2003.. 
5 fg-2004.hdr 28-03-2004 0 Kb.
File archive comment for 2004.. 
6 filegate.faq 09-08-2002 16 Kb.
Frequently asked questions regarding the IFDC
FileGate Project. 
7 filegate.hdr 02-01-2019 0 Kb.
FileGate Header comment file for IFDC FileGate
archives, to be applied by FDN Coordinators. Use
zip -z < filegate.hdr to apply to
your archives.  Does not change the contents of
the archive.  For RAR, use rar c filename.rar
8 filegate.zxx 08-04-2019 55 Kb.
Update of IFDC FileGate Echo tags in RAID
format. Also contains HUB/connect information. 
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