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Nr. Filename Date Size Description
1 07-07-2014 4 Kb.
MAKE_ALLFILES.SH: This bash script is for use
with MBSE BBS.  This will help to automate
the nightly creation of your board's ALLFILES
and NEWFILES listings by creating FILE_ID.DIZ
files for each, creating the archives,
adopting them into your BBS and sending out
new files announcements.  This is released
under the open source Cheepware License.
Sean Dennis * 1:18/200 * 618:618/1 
2 22-11-2015 11 Kb.
Micronet Information Network Infopack for
22 November 2015 (day 326).
All the information you need to join
Micronet, an active and friendly BBS mail
network.  We offer FTN, QWK and NNTP
networking.  For more info, please read
this infopack, visit a participating
BBS, or visit our webpage for more info.
Zone Coordinator: Sean Dennis 
3 03-08-2014 129 Kb.
NetFoss 1.12 - Windows Telnet FOSSIL driver
Fast 32-bit FOSSIL driver for Windows 8.x, 7,
Vista, XP, 2008/2003. Allows DOS BBS software
to connect over Telnet or Serial connections.
Includes Net2BBS open source Telnet server.
Freeware from PC Micro -+-
4 newsmakr.rar 01-11-2010 45 Kb.
NewsMaker v1.1 by Sean Dennis
A simple "news" file generator for nearly
every BBS package!  Versions for 16-bit
DOS, 32-bit Windows and 32-bit OS/2 are
included in the archive.  This is a freeware
program.  Another Cheepware production!  For
more freeware BBS doors and software, FREQ
CHEEP from 1:18/200, 618:618/1 or go to
Sean Dennis - 1:18/200 - 
5 setup.log 26-10-2015 1 Kb.
Micronet Information Network Infopack for 22
Novemeber 2015 
6 25-11-1961 31 Kb.
TieBundy v0.1 
7 tmo132.rar 08-09-2015 25 Kb.
The Magic Oracle v13.2 by Sean Dennis
A free and fun BBS door that allows you
to get "answers" to life's questions
from the Oracle.  For entertainment
purposes only, of course.  For any BBS that
supports 16-bit DOS doors, a FOSSIL driver
and DOOR.SYS or DORINFO1.DEF dropfiles.
Another Cheepware production!  For more
freeware BBS doors and software, FREQ CHEEP
from 1:18/200 or 618:618/1 or visit the web
site at
Sean Dennis - 1:18/200 - 
8 14-07-2014 53 Kb.
The Magic Oracle/L v1.0: "The Magic Oracle"
is now open source!  This binary is compiled
for 64-bit Linux systems such as MBSE, BBBS,
or Synchronet (may work with other systems).
For more information, please visit:
Source code is readily available at:
Another Cheepware production!
Sean Dennis * 1:18/200 * 618:618/1 
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