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File index of Perl for Fidonet/FTN (FTNPL) at ROCASA FTN

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Nr. Filename Date Size Description
1 des2htmts.txt 13-07-2001 1 Kb.
copy of a message posted by Tony Summerfelt
in Jan 2001 about converting a BBBS descrit.ion
file to an index.html file 
2 06-06-1997 30 Kb.
fidonet related perl scripts:  to/from ftn packets & Waffle BBS
s & Waffle BBS 
3 28-07-2005 23 Kb.
Example Perl script for createing a MySQL database
4 20-08-2006 382 Kb.
Archive of Perl for FTN CVS Repository 
5 27-01-2004 38 Kb.
hpt2sql as of 27 Jan 04. 
6 28-07-2005 41 Kb.
Perl scripts for using an SQL database with
a Fidonet/FTN compatible Fidonet Tosser/Scanner,
HPT from the Husky project.  Updated daily from
what I'm using and/or testing. 
7 13-07-2001 26 Kb.
Linux Ticker v1.1, mostly Perl fidonet TIC processor.  (Originally used with ifmail.)
sor.  (Originally used with ifmail.) 
8 01-01-2003 15 Kb.
srifpl as of 1 Jan 03 
9 28-07-2005 11 Kb.
Perl script for reading the S.R.I.F. file requestinfo during an FTN session. See README for more
info during an FTN session. See README for more
10 tfido.arj 13-07-2001 6 Kb.
perl scripts:  ftn packets <-> *.msg format
(author:  Tony Summerfelt) 
11 24-05-2000 2 Kb.
Perl script by Russ Johnson to post new files
announcements from info in the BBBS tickinfo
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