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MakeNL related information at ROCASA FTN

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MakeNL v3.x is an open-sourced version of MakeNL, the Fido/FTN nodelist processing program. It is used to process Fido/FTN nodelists for submission to coordinators and/or for creation of nodelist files for distribution, and is a near drop-in replacement for an existing installation of MakeNL. The current version is v3.4.6e. Homepage:

Filename FREQ Description MN346SRC MakeNL v3.4.6 - New release as of 31 January 2016 MN346D16 MakeNL v3.4.6 - DOS 16 Bit Version MN346D32 MakeNL v3.4.6 - DOS 32 Bit Version MN346W32 MakeNL v3.4.6 - MS Windows 32 Bit Version MN346O16 MakeNL v3.4.6 - OS/2 16 Bit Version MN346O32 MakeNL v3.4.6 - OS/2 32 Bit Version MN346LNX MakeNL v3.4.6 - Linux Version
makenl_3.4.8-1_i386.deb MNDEBX86 Current Debian X86 archive for MakeNL
makenl_3.2.7d-1_amd64.deb MNDEBA64 Current Debian AMD64 archive for MakeNL
MNDEBSRC Current Debian Source Files for MakeNL

Example /etc/apt/sources.list for Debian packages (for all FTN packages)

deb lenny main
deb-src lenny main
  • FTP Lines would be the same, except without the "files" part of the path.

Example /etc/apt/sources.list for Ubuntu Packages

deb release main
deb-src release main
  • release = xenial for v16.04 packages;  trusty for v14.04 packages

Debian MakeNL repository hosted by Björn Felten

deb /